International Plan

The International Plan was developed through consultation with staff, committees and other groups and was adopted by 委员会 in February 2019.

Responsibility for coordinating the activities necessary to deliver the plan, and for associated monitoring and reporting, rests with the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

The International Plan has been developed to help deliver on the internationalisation aspects of the University 策略 and sets out internationalisation goals and key actions for progress towards the University's long-term vision; it provides divisions/faculties with a framework and actions that can be selected and adapted to fit specific needs.

Read the full International Plan 2019-2021


目标1 Advance the internationalisation of the curriculum and provide opportunities to enable all students to develop intercultural and global competencies
目标2Increase the proportion and diversity of international students studying across University of Waikato campuses
目标3Provide international students with an immersive New Zealand cultural experience distinct to the University of Waikato. Provide an integrated and comprehensive 支持 network to enable their success while studying at University of Waikato campuses
目标4Create a 支持ive and enabling environment that encourages more academic staff to engage in and generate enhanced international research outputs and impact
目标5Develop a strategic portfolio of international partnerships and connections to bring more tangible outputs that meet the needs of divisions/faculties and the University
目标6Expand our portfolio of flexible modes of delivery including delivery of our programmes offshore through high quality partnerships