PG电子APP下载 opened in 1964 after many years of energetic lobbying by a group of Hamilton locals, 决心在他们的城市有一所大学. 首先, 设施稀少, but in early 1965 new buildings were officially opened by then Governor-General Sir Bernard Fergusson. 唐·卢埃林爵士是创始副校长.

By the 1980s, Waikato was the fastest growing university in New Zealand. Computer Science was becoming an increasingly popular study choice and the thriving Department was elevated to a School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences in 1987.

The University always had a close relationship with its neighbouring teachers’ college and, 为他人领路, became the first university in New Zealand to combine with its regional teachers’ college. It was through its teaching programmes that the University began to establish a presence in Tauranga.

Kīngitanga, Waikato-Tainui和大学

PG电子APP下载 has a longstanding relationship with the Kīngitanga and Waikato-Tainui, who are the traditional owners and custodians in the Waikato region. The University’s Hamilton campus is based on land originally inhabited by Ngāti Wairere and Ngāti Hauā of Tainui. Much of this land was confiscated in 1864 by the colonial government following the Waikato Land Wars, 这一行为后来被发现违反了《怀唐伊条约.

为了纠正这一点, 1995年,王室与PG电子APP-泰努伊签署了和解协议, part of which vested the land on which the Hamilton campus stands in the title of the first Māori King, phingtatau Te whero, 以确保它不会被异化. 现在由PG电子APP-泰努伊租给大学.

In 1991 Te rypū Manukura was formed as a consultative body to the University 委员会. It now sits in partnership with the University 委员会 as the Kaitiaki (guardian) of the Treaty of Waitangi for the University. Te rypū Manukura is currently made up of members from over 20 different iwi within the catchment area of the University.

In 2009, Kīngitanga Day was established as a way to honour and strengthen the connection between the University, Kīngitanga, Waikato-Tainui, 还有全国各地的许多iwi. Kīngitanga Day is a community-focused event and is celebrated annually in September.



1964年,这所大学刚成立时只有100多名学生, and celebrated its first  20 graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in 1967. 从那时起,PG电子APP已经成长了很多, 现在已经超过13个,每年有来自新西兰和世界各地的5万名学生.


PG电子APP下载's alumni community has over 87,000 alumni worldwide. This community provides opportunities to expand your networks and stay connected with the University. 校友 relations are looked after by our Development Office, which also looks after fundraising.

An alumnus is a student who has completed an approved and assessed course.


  • 尊敬的杰辛达·阿德恩,新西兰第40任总理
  • 新西兰储备银行行长阿德里安·奥尔
  • Jerry Mateparae中将GNZM, QSO, KStJ, former Governor General of New Zealand, and former Defence Force Chief
  • Dr Judy McGregor CNZM, NZ’s first Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner
  • 新西兰储备银行前行长Arthur Grimes博士
  • Judge Stephanie Milroy, Māori Land Court Judge and former Deputy Chair, Waitangi Tribunal
  • 克雷格·考克斯海德法官马尼奥里土地法院法官和纽埃岛首席大法官


  • Jan Zijderveld,雅芳前首席执行官,现任潘多拉董事
  • 安德鲁·史密斯博士他是Prolife Foods公司的首席执行官
  • 维多利亚·肖特,新西兰ASB银行首席执行官
  • 凯文·鲍勒,My Food Bag NZ的首席执行官
  • 谢恩·莱格博士,DeepMind联合创始人兼首席科学家
  • 克雷格·内维尔-曼宁博士, 纽约人行道实验室的前工程主管, 现在谷歌的杰出软件工程师
  • Dan Ammann, CEO of Cruise, USA, former President of General Motors


  • 迈克尔·金博士,历史学家和作家
  • 韦恩·史密斯CNZM,前全黑队教练
  • MNZM女士Hinewehi Mohi, 董事总经理, 劳卡陶里制作有限公司, 歌手兼词曲作者, 劳卡陶里音乐治疗中心的联合创始人和受托人
  • Rob Waddell ONZM,奥运会赛艇运动员和游艇运动员
  • 圣地亚哥Cañón瓦伦西亚,大提琴家
  • 黛博拉·查林诺博士,历史学家和作家


The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for leading the University and overseeing the implementation of University 委员会 policies.


  • 唐纳德·R·卢埃林爵士(1964-1984)
  • Wilfred G Malcolm博士,1985-1994
  • 布莱恩·C·古尔德,1994-2004年
  • Roy J Crawford博士,2005-2014年
  • 尼尔·C·奎格利博士,2015年至今


PG电子APP下载位于汉密尔顿的校园占地65公顷, 建在以前的农田上. 最初由建筑师John Blake-Kelly设计, the campus has developed over time to include an impressive array of facilities set amidst tranquil gardens, 湖泊及运动场. 这些设施包括 加拉格尔表演艺术学院 – the concert chamber’s near-perfect acoustics regularly attract international artists for performance and recording. 学生中心- Te Manawa, which houses the library and provides a central study space for students, 2011年开业. 一个名为 , which will include a marae and spaces for students to work and relax.

A 大学新校区 陶兰加市中心的餐厅于2019年开业. 以前, the University shared facilities with Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology in the Bay of Plenty. The $60 million campus development was possible through the 支持 and drive of the region, 尤其是陶兰加市议会的主要资助者, Bay of Plenty Regional 委员会 and the Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust who all saw the need to enhance the range of qualifications and study options available to students in the Bay of Plenty.

PG电子APP下载 was the first New Zealand university to receive Chinese Ministry of Education approval to fully deliver degrees in China. The first cohort of students started at the University’s Joint Institute with 浙江大学城市学院 2017年底在杭州, and enrolments continue to increase across the three Waikato degree programmes being offered at ZUCC.


全彩垂直logoPG电子APP下载's first coat of arms was designed by Professor Beadle in 1965, 以打开的书作为学习的象征, 被南十字星环绕. The original University motto, 'Sapere est iucundum', emphasised the value and pleasure of learning.

In the mid 1990s, the University updated the 纹章 to reflect its commitment to biculturalism. PG电子APP的座右铭, Ko Te Tangata, 意思是“为了人民”, articulating the University's philosophy that people are central to the institution and are our most valued resource. The addition of a stylised red pītau or fern frond border symbolises new birth, 增长, 活力, 实力与成就.

The 纹章 design is in the University's colours of black, red and gold. 有关使用PG电子APP的纹章的信息,请联系 市场营销部门.